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Gyro short term storage.

Hopefully this awful situation will not go on for to much longer, however there are recommendations for short term storage and return to service on Rotorsports website. Log in to the owners section and look at service document F146.

If you are unsure about the engine, the advice is in your Rotax manual and this of course is also applicable to Magni’s.

stay safe and hope to fly again soon.

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Paul Harrison
Paul Harrison
22 avr. 2020

I have managed to have a short flight utilising the following advice We have also been working with the CAA to legitimise limited maintenance and ‘engine health flights’ of up to 30 minutes each four weeks during the shut-down period. Information on this has been announced by the CAA today, and can be found at and on our LAA Facebook page. Typically, just as the CAA issued their announcement, the cloudbase dropped to 600 feet and the rain began! Further tips on making sure your aircraft is fit for flight are included in our technical leaflet TL 2.32 which provides detailed information on precautions if access to the aircraft can be gained but further storage is contemplated, and advice on planning…

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