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If you are planning to fly into Leicester for the record breaker on June 1st, could you please email with your name, reg, type, pilot, departure airfield and

Good news from Autogyro UK

Today Autogyro UK released SB-135. No more complete 5 year hose changes for autogyro UK aircraft. If you haven’t been sent this, make sure you log into the owners page and download your copy. While yo

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My premium this year, from Air Courtage, was £2,807 for my 2020 Magni M24C+ Orion, with an insured value of £110,000. It does seem that it pays to shop around as different companies use different criteria to calculate risk factors.

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20 abr 2023

EDWARD BARNES just sent you an email on British Rotorcraft Association

Hi Steve Thanks for your response below. I thought I might share the various quotes I received and see no harm in passing these on to the BRA membership. For info my machine is an Autogyro MTOS built in 2010 and I guess to replace it i would have to pay about £35000 so thats the value it is insured for. The quotes I requested were for "fully comp" cover. My existing insurers - Air Courtage wanted £3600 which came as a surprise when my renewal email arrived! Next dearest was Crispin Speers who quoted me a 'ballpark' figure of £3000 pending a formal application. Visicover quoted £2400. But…

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