James and Norman’s global adventure

Here is an up date on these two gyronuts

Hard to believe how far our two adventurers have now gone. They both started off from a latitude similar to where they are now...within one degree...and also close enough to Greenwich (in the scale of things) to say they started at zero degrees longitude...but when they arrive at today's destination, Taksimo, they will be on the 114th degree longitude! Even so, there are still over 2,300 nm of Russia to go before crossing into Alaska and each mile eastwards takes them further into the wilderness of Eastern Siberia.

Today's flight see's James Ketchell and Norman Surplus fly the gyros to Taksimo, a small airport in a very small town in the Stanovoy range of high mountains. They will stop half way at Kazachinskoye Airport at the northern end of Lake Baikal.

Of course, add mountains and weather and we may see the guys forego the full flight and land elsewhere...so keep an eye on the tracker.

Today's photos are from the flight yesterday from Krasnoyarsk to Bratsk.

Make sure you bookmark the following sites to be able to follow this epic undertaking as it makes its way across this planet...

James tracker is at...


Norman's tracker is at...


James website is at...


James Facebook page is at...


Check out Norman's FB page at


and don't forget to subscribe to James's YouTube channel for regular videos from the flights at...


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