Safety Matter - VHF low level frequency


Some of you may not know that recently (1 Jun 22) the Royal Air Force approved the use of the VHF Low Level Common frequency 130.490MHz. This is a means of improving airborne de-confliction between military and GA aircraft when not in receipt of Lower Airspace Radar Service (LARS). The frequency is used to mitigate against mid-air collision in the UK Low Flying System and below 2,000ft AGL. So, should you find yourself flying in one of the many UK LFA’s, below 2,000ft AGL and not in receipt of an Air Traffic Service, then you may find it useful to listen out or state your intentions on 130.490MHz. Please see the attached RAF Air Safety Matters Issue 50 briefing note, which contains more information and ‘how to’ guidance on the use of this new frequency.


Also attached above, is Issue 50 of Air Safety Matters, which contains more information and guidance on the use of this new frequency.


Thank you to Paul Remfry for highlighting this.

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