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Incident - Fault or Occurrence report

Updated: Mar 12, 2020

On the contact tab on the top menu, you can now go to a pdf report form, this can be downloaded and completed by anyone - Not just members. We feel that if as many incidents as possible are reported through this association we can then sort and distribute these to the correct relevant authorities. EG: if a fault keeps reoccurring on an aircraft we can persue an outcome with the manufacturer. We would appreciate you reporting any Incident, Occurrence or Fault. This is to enable us to assist you in reducing the risk to others. Whether you have a fault with your aircraft, an issue with an airfield, difficulty in a particular section of airspace or any other issue you feel others could benefit from if you share it, then please fill out the form and scan and email back to or take a photo of the completed form as that will still work.

Please download the form here

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