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Sales & Maintenance

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Magni Gyro UK are the British agents for the fantastic range of Magni Gyroplanes. The Gyroplanes are built in Italy and imported into the UK, ready to fly. Gyroplanes are "Sport Aviation" aircraft, they are not used commercially - they are flown purely for fun!
Our Gyroplanes have a top speed of 100mph or more, they can cruise for over 4 hours on a tank of fuel which means you can usually travel over 400 miles at a time. They can be used for serious touring, or they can be used for serious fun around the local area. 
Gyroplanes have been around since before second world war but until recently they have been neglected as a popular form of sport aviation. Magni have been building Gyroplanes for nearly 20 years and supply them all over the world. Following the arrival of the first factory-built gyroplanes to the UK in 2006, gyroplanes have become hugely popular and are one of the fastest growing areas of sport aviation.


Home of the Cavalon, Caladus and MTO open cockpit series of gyros. auto-gyro former Rotorsport UK based at Wentnor in Shropshire.

All sales and service offered for auto gyro machines.

gyrocopter hq.jpg


Gyrocopter HQ based at
Hanger T6
Shropshire Aero Club
Tel: 07817214699

They have full CAA authority on all gyros and engines and offer overnight facilities as well as visit you.
In addition they can issue permit revels and do rotor balancing.

Graham is also an LAA inspector 


Arion Aviation based at Rochester in Kent offer the complete range of services, All aircraft inspection and maintenance, permit renewals (CAA) and are certified to work on Magni and Autogyro.

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